My Philosophy

Couples face many unique challenges:

  • rearing children
  • managing finances together
  • creating a life where both can develop personal and professional goals
  • caring and dealing with extended family
  • creating and maintaining a mutually satisfying sexual relationship that will change with aging bodies
  • developing and maintaining friendships with others.

All of these things can be wonderful as well as overwhelming and exhausting, especially when there is conflict between partners.


Couples are unique and require specialized care to reach the goals of the pair. Couples therapy is a specialty service that requires advanced training. Individual therapists are trained to care for individuals, charting individual reductions in symptoms. Couples therapists are trained to do this for pairs, promoting the goals and supporting the development of the couple. When selecting a provider, always choose a provider that specializes in couples therapy.

How I Work with Couples

How I Work with Individuals

How Couples Therapy is Different

Much of couples therapy is experiential, assessing past experiences, and re-enacting difficult situations with the goal of rewiring them with improved outcomes. For this reason, sessions tend to be longer, on average 90 minutes to two hours.

In couples therapy, the client is the couple. As your couples therapist, I work for both parties equally, mindful of unresolved trauma, repair efforts, attunement, impairments, misattunement and how these affect your efforts to achieve your goals as a couple. My role is to support your collective ability to manage and care for each other.

Get the support you need to best meet your relationship goals.

People thrive in good relationships. When we feel good about ourselves and are loved by others, life is easier and more enjoyable. The opposite is also true. When relationships are strained, loneliness creeps in, problems must be addressed alone, and joys go unshared.