When looking for support to build or repair a relationship, always choose a specialist


Couples face unique challenges:   managing finances together, creating a life where both can develop personal and professional goals, caring for and dealing with extended family, aging and all that entails.  Oh, yes and we can’t forget sex.  Couples are tasked with creating and sustaining an intimate connection that will change with the years and age.  All of these things can be wonderful and any one of them can be exhausting, overwhelming and a potential relationship ender.  

Couple therapy is a clinical specialty.  I have more than fifteen years of experience working with relationship issues.When preparing for marriage or experiencing a difficult stage in a relationship, specialized care can make it easier to get your relationship back on track.

How I Work With Couples

Clinical services are informed by attachment theory, arousal theory and neuroscience.  Each are described below along with examples of how these benefit couples looking for improved connection in romantic relationships.

Attachment Theory

Attachment theory can help understand how early experiences with caregivers create instincts and habits (both positive and negative) for future relationships with our romantic partners.  Difficulties with early relationships can become problems in current relationships.  Together we identify and address early attachment styles to improve the security of your bond with your partner, healing the pain and trauma from the past.  

Arousal Theory

Arousal Theory describes individual differences and relational difficulties in managing energy, mental alertness and engagements with one another.  For example, in an argument are you quick to anger or do you blow up quickly and then drop and retreat?  Can you recover quickly from an argument or do your arguments last for days on end?  When managing stress, what behaviors do you do?  do you turn to one another or do you turn to alcohol or shopping or surfing the web to manage difficult emotions?  These nuanced behaviors have an impact on the quality of relationships.


Every brain is unique possessing varied skills, strengths and deficits.  Neuroscience provides a framework for understanding and managing differences, skills and difficulties.  Better understanding and appreciating your brain and the brain of your partner can help to understand why you are having difficulties and how to build skills both individually and collectively.  

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