There are few things in life as valuable as satisfying, strong relationships.  When looking to start, mend or end an important relationship, always choose a specialist.



Current Pricing:

Individual therapy:

Initial session:  $250

45-50 minute sessions:  $225

90 minute EMDR extended sessions $400


Couple therapy:

90 minute initial session: $450

120 minute session:  $600

3 hour intensive:  $900

4 hour intensive:  $1200

Ongoing sessions range in length depending on clinical complexity.


**I provide sliding scale care on a limited basis with documented need. Please let us know if you would like to learn more.

Want to know what your insurance coverage is for out-of-network care?  Contact our office at 949-861-1627

Payments can be made in cash, credit card or Paypal.  Payments can also be made with Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA) should your issue meet medical necessity.


When we feel good
about ourselves and
are loved by others,
life is easier and
more enjoyable.