Take the guesswork out of relationship building with expert support


Relationships are too important to just wing it.   We help individuals and couples in Orange County build relationships they can be proud of.



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Relationships are hard.  You don’t have to read a thousand books and try to do it all yourself.  Help is here.

 Relationships can be wonderful. They can also be confusing, frustrating, overwhelming and exhausting.  The good news is that most problems are solvable and relationship skills can be learned regardless of your background.  If you have hit a wall and need some guidance, direction and hope, a professional partner on the road to relationship recovery is invaluable.  


Whether you are starting, reviving or ending an important relationship, specialized care can make the process easier, more effective and less overwhelming. 

Whatever relationship goal brings you here, welcome! 

Sometimes  a formerly good relationship hits a difficult stage.  New issues arise, new skills are needed.   

Sometimes even our best intentions to communicate better, argue less, be more loving can be difficult to actually carry out.  

When relationships are in crisis, it is VERY easy to get locked into frustrating arguments and engage in behaviors that may leave you questioning the future of your relationship.

Finding a trusted provider can bring wisdom and ease soothe and support a crisis.  This site provides an overview of services available and describes how I work with couples and individuals.  Here you can also schedule a free consultation to learn more about how I might help you meet your specific goals.  

“I wasn’t into the idea of couples therapy at first.  After therapy I realize that I think and act more strategically in my marriage…It’s been great. Thank you.”   -T.C.

“As a guy, I used to be very anti- therapy.  Now I tell my son how great it is.  We should have come in years ago. ”  S.C.

“Working with you has been an absolute pleasure.  Thank you for making our marriage stronger, better and way more fun.”  P.F.

Services tailored to your unique needs

Whether you are currently single, preparing to find a future partner or married for a many years,  therapy services are tailored to your specific needs and goals.  Listed below are some of the most common goals.

Healing After Infidelity

Figuring out what to do and how to move forward after infidelity can be daunting. Therapy can provide needed support to help the healing.

Improve Communication

Caught up in discussions that go on and on leaving both of you exhausted? Days of not talking after a fight? Mastering communication is one of the best things that you can do for your relationship.

Preparing for Marriage

Pre-marital therapy has been proven to reduce the likelihood of divorce and increase a couple’s ability to problem solve during the hardest moments a lifetime of marriage will surely bring. Two sessions of pre-marital therapy will teach you concrete tools to make marriage great.